How to Spot Misinformation Online ( On Demand)

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Adults , Seniors

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In this new online course from MediaWise for Seniors, you will learn simple digital literacy skills to outsmart algorithms, detect falsehoods and make decisions based on factual information.

Misinformation is everywhere. But you can outsmart it.

This free short course from MediaWise for Seniors will teach you how to tell what’s true and false on the internet. By looking at examples of political, health, travel and climate misinformation, you will learn techniques for identifying false information and how to seek out trustworthy sources.

Christiane Amanpour, Joan Lunden, Lester Holt, Hari Sreenivasan and Dave Jorgenson — MediaWise Ambassadors — will also pop in to share their advice as experienced journalists to help you navigate information on platforms like Google, Facebook and more.

We will not be telling you how to feel about topics or issues. Instead, we will teach you how to identify misleading, false or dangerous information on the internet. Our goal is to help you make decisions based on reliable, credible information.

If you’re aware of what’s out there and use the free fact-checking tools at your fingertips, you can navigate a sea of digital misinformation with confidence.

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