Tinker Teens: Songwriting Workshop

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Program Description


Come to the Teen Center for these activities:

Jan. 15: Duct Tape Projects  Make a wallet or a tie or a headband with ears or anything else you can with duct tape!

Jan. 22: Cardboard Trophy Heads  Showcase your skills by creating a big game or robot trophy head from cardboard.

Jan. 29: Sweet Poetry  Create poetry and enjoy hot chocolate and donuts with poet-whisperer Joanna Fox. 

Feb. 5: Songwriting Workshop Steve McAlister will guide you through your songwriting with donuts and cocoa. 

Feb. 12: Songshare Open mic with donuts and hot chocolate for poetry, songs and karaoke. You choose!

Feb. 19: Younique Patches Make your own patches for your clothes and backpacks.

Feb. 26: Make Alternative Jewelry Express yourself with Judy Levine and her punk/leather/nature supplies.

Mar. 4: Hand-sewn Reusable Straw Case Sew a reusable metal straw case – straws provided!

Mar. 11: Twig Baskets Build a basket with twigs, then weave in ribbons.

Mar. 18: Tinkercad Design Design a 3D button we print for you in our Creation Station.

Mar. 25: Sew Fun Embroidery Make pictures or slogans with embroidery thread and keep the hoop.

Apr. 1: Vision Boards Design a poster intended to remind you of your goals and manifest your greatest dreams.

Apr. 8: Terrariums Make a garden in a jar for someone you love.

Apr. 15: Create Woven Paper Objects Weave decorative paper into beautiful objects.

Apr. 22: Dragons Around the World and Tech Decorate a paper dragon and/or play a virtual reality game!

Apr. 29: Bowls of Gold Make bowls decorated with gold and jewels. 



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