Four Original Plays by local playwright Frank Motz (On Demand)

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Performances, Virtual

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Adults , Seniors

Program Description


We Who Are About to Die

A slave is thrilled to be a gladiator in the Roman Coliseum until he learns that they will be using real swords.

Fastidius - Tom Aposporos,    Confiticus - Alan Brasington

The Call

The Speaker of the House receives a call from the newly elected President from the other party offering to stop all the partisanship. She has 10 minutes to decide what to do.

Kimberly Sandefore - Monia Joblin,     Brett Sandefore - Don Walker,   Caroline - Jenny Aldrich

A Tender Moment

A famous radio broadcaster has died and two men try to persuade his sister to give them his well known microphone.

Ms. LaTeer - Dianne Brin,  Harold - Tom Aposporos,   Louis - Alan Brasington


A young man in the future owns a life-size Alexa.  Complications arise when they begin to develop a romantic relationship.

Robert Hicks - Don Walker,   Alexa - Nancy Hanks,   Emily Pepper - Jenny Aldrich 

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