Connecting with Friends and Family on Facebook

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Are you feeling a bit disconnected? Want to touch base with your favorite high school buddies and see what they’re up to?  Wish you had that family recipe from your favorite cousin? Looking for tips on finding a new job? Facebook is a free online platform that gives you a place to re-connect with old friends, or to make new ones. You decide who sees the information you share, and you have a chance to find out what’s happening in the lives of the people you care about most, all in one place.

We have a few Facebook Tutorials to get you started setting up your account and creating your personal profile below.

Feel free to watch them as many times you need to feel comfortable with the process of  getting your Facebook Account set up. Keep these videos open on one tab and open a new window in your browser and go to Toggle back and forth between these two pages, until you have your Facebook account set up. Explore new connections and have fun!